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The app if you want to track your team stats during the game!

Basketball Stats PRO ranked as high as 5th place on top grossing apps in Sports category in the App Store

We have all seen assistant coaches around the world using pieces of paper and scribbling down the game statistics for their team while siting next to the coach. The same assistant coaches than had to spend an hour or more compiling these scribbled stats into a Box Score which they could then analyze further. Basketball Stats PRO app for iPad scraps the paper and the grueling process of stats compiling and delivers a easy to use stats tracker, which will allow assistant coaches, scouts or basketball fans to track stats of their team right from their iPad.


All the inputted stats are instantly compiled to show the current stats of your team, this will allow coaching staff to have all the stats updated and ready at any given time during or after the game. Inputting stats is a very easy process, since you have buttons that represent each player in the roster and all the stats categories. You just tap on a player and the stat and it will automatically get added to the game. For two and three point shots (hit or missed) you also tap on the area of the court where the shot was taken from. You can view the complete Box Score with just one tap and send it via email to anyone around the world.


All the inputted statistics are written to a local database, thus you can view stats of a given player for not just one game, but all the games where the player has been involved in. Statistics view for a player will show box scores for each game as well as compiled total and average stats. You can even see the stats of players shots based on where they were taken (inside the paint, mid-range, 3 point shots from the corner and other 3 point shots). You will soon realize that this stats app can really help you with efficient stats input and analysis after the game.


The app also features Sketch Board, where you can draw your plays using 4 different colors and pens, and best of all you can save all the sketches and view them later on or send them via email.


App Features:

  • Unlimited number of players and games
  • Easy and intuitive way to input stats in the app
  • Compiled stats and box scores ready after each new stat entry
  • Play by Play view, with editing option
  • Box Score with email sending capabilities
  • Sketch Board - with editing, saving and email options
  • Detailed compiled statistics for all players and games where they played
  • Unlimited teams
  • Total and average team stats
  • Player stats for a specific team
  • Quarters and halves support during the game

What others are saying:

Review by BillyMafia
This app far exceeded my expectations. I looked at every basketball stat tracking app before deciding on purchasing this one. Many were cheaper and some were more expensive but I am convinced that I made the right purchase. I selected this one because of its simple interface that is all on one screen. I am tracking these stats while coaching on the bench so it needed to be quick and simple or I was not going to use it. I really like being able to see the box score at any time. The box score can be emailed. The shot chart is very valuable and you can select the shot chart for the whole team or any combination of individual players. There is a court sketch chart but I have not used it much yet.
Review by Stats any level
Purchased a while back in preparation for the upcoming season. Began to use right away with ease. Reported to the author some requests for additional stat reporting, got an answer that night. Latest update made a great app even better. Currently use for two youth teams, along with a varsity high school team. Great app, great support, well worth the price.
Review by William H Michener
I was looking for a basketball stat keeping app to track only my team- this is perfect! I have used this app for over a dozen games and it is super easy and tracks everything I need. This app produces a great line for each game and season totals. The running play by play for each game is very helpful. I definitely recommend this for any parent or coach wanting to keep stats for their team or teams.
Review by WildCherryRed
My original review still stands, with this to add.... Now I'm able to send stats by quarter breakdown, and the coaches and players love the shot charts in e-mail. Very intuitive app, and with the willingness of the writer to take customer suggestions seriously, I'm sure it will continue to get even better. $20 may be high comparatively, but when you take into consideration all of the computing time you save with increased accuracy, it's been worth every penny. I have no less than 5 people (usually more) looking over my shoulder at each game, and everyone has been impressed. It's the best $20 I've spent.
Review by The statsman
As promised the updates have kept coming and the latest update adds important team stat features, invaluable for across season performance reviews. This app jus keeps getting better.